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Aqua S.p.A. Industrial Group | Aussteller auf der aquanale 2023
Halle 7.1 | Stand F050 F050

Aqua S.p.A. Industrial Group

Aqua S.p.A. Industrial Group
Via Tonino Crotti 1
+39 0522695805
Aqua S.p.A. is a manufacturing company founded in 1974 in San Martino in Rio, near Reggio Emilia, Italy. Initially started as a small family business for moulding of water treatment components, nowadays Aqua S.p.A. extends for more than 7000 m² in its headquarter.
The work of the company has always been driven by two factors: a strong attention to the evolution of the markets and a business policy aimed at developing commercial structures in strategic areas for logistics and market potential.
Over time, Aqua S.p.A. has been able to identify, acquire and integrate complementary businesses, which allowed the company to achieve significant synergies and to consolidate its leadership in the market.
Thanks to a very wide and diversified range of products’ line, as well as the right mix of flexibility and timeliness, the company has reached a real competitive advantage.
Aqua S.p.A. markets its products in more than 100 countries, using directly controlled subsidiaries or through independent distributors.

Our sectors:
Water treatment
Dosing systems
Swimming pools

Our Numbers:
6 factories
22.000 m² indoor
6 branches
110 countries
100 employees
10.000+ product codes
40 injection molding machines from 50 to 1.700 t.
700+ proprietary molds
20 winders for cartridges
2 welding machines for production of tanks and filters

For further information about Aqua S.p.A., please visit: www.aqua.it

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